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Crow Enterprizes.

We proudly offer Crow Enterprizes racing safety equipment. Crow is a manufacturer of auto racing safety gear and has been in business since the late '90s. Crow offers service that is second to none with fast shipping, competitive pricing and a knowledgeable sales staff. We keep Crow products in stock, including harnesses, driving suits, window nets and driving shoes; we do not just drop ship! Crow manufactures top quality safety equipment in accordance with current Racing Association Specifications and Regulations, such as: SFI 16.1, 16.5, 3.2A/1/5/15/20 and more.

Like you, they are racing/automotive enthusiasts. Fred Crow has 37 years of experience manufacturing safety equipment for all kinds of auto racing, such as: Stock Car Racing, Drag Racing, Indy Racing, Off-Road and more. Crow is a multi-generational racing family, who are here to assist you with your safety equipment needs. Crow has become a leader in the racing industry and continues to innovate and manufacture products for auto racers today.

More Info on Crow Racing Equipment:

Crow Racing Suits

Crow Driving Suit
Crow uses Proban or Dupoint Nomex materials for the construction of their fire retardant driving suits. These suits are manufactured to the specifications set forth by the SFI Foundation, including SFI 3.2A/1 and 3.2A/5. This SFI regulation (3.2A) tests a driving suits ability to provide Thermal Protective Performance (flame retardant ability) when exposed to a radiant heat source or direct flame. Crow’s racing suits are manufactured in both 1-piece and 2-piece styles in black, blue and red. These suits are also available in kid’s sizes for Jr. Dragster racers.

Crow Racing Seat Belts

Crow Racing Harness
Crow goes to great extent to produce top quality racing harnesses, offered in several colors and configurations. These harnesses are available individually or in complete harness systems featuring a shoulder harness, lap belt and submarine belt. Manufactured in the USA, these racing harnesses are assembled with 2” or 3” webbing and feature a latch & link or cam-lock. Crow also offers their Blackbird Series driving harnesses, which are assembled with all black hardware. Certified through testing laboratories, Crow racing harnesses are designed to meet or exceed SFI 16.1 or 16.5 specifications.

Crow Driving Shoes

Crow Racing Shoes
Crow’s driving shoes are manufactured using high quality, fire retardant materials. In a mid-top style, Crow offers newly designed driving shoes constructed with satin suede and a fire retardant interior. These mid-top FR shoes feature an exterior leather guard, additional heel support and a one-strap closure. Crow also manufactures high-top driving shoes in two designs featuring suede or leather and Velcrow closures. With an SFI 3.3/5 specification approved rating, these driving shoes are safe for racers. Available in men’s sizes 4 through 13.

Crow Nomex Hoods & Underwear

Crow Nomex Hoods & Underwear
Crow manufactures flame retardant hoods/balaclavas featuring a single eye port opening. These race hoods are designed to be worn under a racing helmet to provide fire protection to the neck and head. Crow also offers fire retardant underwear tops and bottoms. FR underwear is designed as a base layer to be worn under a driving suit. This underwear is manufactured with Nomex material, known for its proven flame retardant ability. Crow hoods/balaclavas and underwear are SFI 3.3 specification approved, so they are perfect for racing. For added protection to the feet and ankles, Crow’s Nomex socks are also available.

Crow Nomex Driving Gloves

Crow Racing Gloves
Crow manufactures driving gloves constructed from fire retardant Nomex material in standard and Jr. sizes. With an SFI 3.3/5 approved fire rating, Crow offers their Standard Nomex Gloves. These gloves are designed with two layers of Nomex and feature Nomex thread and extra padding. For additional protection of the hands and wrists, Crow offers their Long Gauntlet Nomex driving gloves. These gloves are also double layered and feature padding on the palm and knuckles and are sewn with Kevlar thread. With an SFI 3.3/5 approval, Crow’s driving gloves make a perfect addition to any driver’s racing equipment.

Crow Window Nets

Crow Window Nets
Crow offers window nets in a variety of styles and sizes. These styles include solid mount ribbon nets and ribbon nets with loops. Crow’s ribbon nets are also available in a number of predefined sizes, such as: SFI drag nets, SFI window nets, SFI oblong window nets and SFI roll cage nets. All Crow window nets are constructed from high quality materials to meet the requirements set forth by Racing Associations sanctioning bodies, specifically SFI 27.1 and SFI 37.1.

Crow Racing Accessories

Crow Racing Accessories
Crow also offers a variety of racing safety accessories. To help keep your arms secure and free from injury, Crow manufactures arm restraints in 2” and 3” designs. These SFI 3.3 approved restraints are designed to attached around the arms with Velcrow closures. To help keep dust and debris from funneling up inside your helmet, Crow makes helmet skirts featuring a Velcrow attachment for quick installation. To help with neck fatigue, Crow offers helmet restraints that are popular amongst oval track racers. For additional neck support, Crow also offers their 360 degree helmet supports that are SFI 3.3 approved.